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Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.

(Twyla Tharp) 


Wool and Wonder

Sally's locks

Sally is the smallest of my angora goats, but boy does she have beautiful locks. I finally go around washing her fiber yesterday. Most of it is still drying, but I do have some pictures to show off... Read More...

Ringalina Dolls getting together…..

  This Winter we have had a lot of cold, which resulted in carrying warm water to the animals multiple times a day. Now I think my goats Loki, Sally and Penny are spoiled. They really enjoyed getti... Read More...


 Thank you for coming by and browsing my site. I truly hope you find your way around! My passion for creating beautiful things for people of all ages has the challenge of keeping everything organized. There is nothing more frustrating than visiting a website and not knowing where to go.


WoolCreations® has focus on woolen felted flowers and embellishments, especially created with the bride in mind.

The Sleepy Sheepy has its focus on photography props made of wool, especially created for newborn photographers.

Ringalina Dolls has a focus on Waldorf inspired dolls, made of all natural materials. 


I am proud to offer you that personal touch you have been looking for and my goal is to make all of our customers happy. 



I really care about the custom, artist-designed products I create and the "ingredients" I put in them. 


Here you can find one of a kind and wholesome Waldorf Inspired toys, apparel and accessories for your family, friends and photographers. Since my creations are one of a kind, the items available are constantly changing. Once an item is sold, it is gone. There will never be another one exactly like it!?


This should not stop you to find inspiration in the things you see! If you fall in love with something I have made in the past, but have it no longer in stock, please let me know!  Link me to the items on my site you like, it will be so much easier for me to make something  similar for you. Custom orders take a while to make, so please take that into consideration when you order a custom made WoolCreations®, The Sleepy Sheepy or Ringalina Dolls, especially if you have a birthday or other celebration to plan for.


Any feedback, critic or rave is welcome and greatly appreciated, as long as it is respectful.


WoolCreations®, The Sleepy Sheepy and Ringalina Dolls are hand made, one of a kind creations by Annette Ringeisen.